Monthly Archives: December 2007

My Christmas and Ukuleles

There were no ukuleles waiting under the Christmas tree for me yesterday morning (since I hadn’t asked Santa for any there were no surprises there), but there were three delightful ukulele ornaments from Santa Claus on the piney boughs to delight me.

Perched on a sturdy branch (sturdy because this is one is hefty in weight) is a resin ornament featuring a barefoot Santa playing an ukulele. The chord he’s playing isn’t like any I’ve seen before (picture an A string with fingers down on the third, fourth, fifth and sixth frets—I guess he’s playing an Eb single note really) but he’s blissfully contented as he sits beneath a palm tree bedecked with a star (and a candy cane) and sitting beside a Hawaiian thatched-grass hut. Maker: Island Heritage.

Humidity and your ukulele

Honukani, who posts regularly on a number of ukulele forums, lives in Arizona.¬†Those folks really know what the word “dry” means and how humidity can affect instruments. As the owner of a number of fine ukuleles, Honukani wanted to make sure his instruments are well-protected so he researched the topic of humidity with his typical […]