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Pineapple Jam—and a lot of “oooooh-ing”

Pineapple Jam—and a lot of “oooooh-ing”

Sharing aloha.

That’s what Pineapple Jam did recently when they helped Paradise’s Craig Memorial Congregational Church celebrate its 134th birthday.

Fourteen of us—including a few who just learned to play earlier in the summer at our Ukuleles of Paradise meetings—provided the event’s Hawaiian-themed entertainment. We had six practices ahead of time (a lot for us) and it paid off with lots of smiling faces in the audience that night.

I was quite nervous about taking on “leading” the group. I can talk in front of people all day (and longer) but leading a group of players so that we started, ended and played together was a new skill I wasn’t sure I could handle. Plus, I’m definitely not a strong singer…