Ukuleles of Paradise

Ukuleles of Paradise



Regular meeting info: Enjoy learning to play the ukulele (four strings, four fingers—what could be easier?) and have fun at Ukuleles of Paradise, an informal gathering of ukulele players and would-be ukulele players.

Ukuleles of Paradise offers free lessons, loaner ukuleles for the meeting, a lending library of ukulele songbooks, DVDs and resources—and a welcoming group of folks who are happy to have new players or wannabe players join us. No prior musical experience needed!

Meetings are typically on the second Tuesday of each month. Meetings start at 6:30 pm with a beginning lesson (how to tune your ukulele, form chords and strum). We even have free “loaner” ukuleles so you can give it a try. Within half-an-hour you’ll be able to strum three to five chords and play dozens of songs—really! Please print out the beginner packet here and bring it to the meeting. If you need a “loaner” ukulele for the meeting, contact me ahead of time and we’ll have one waiting for you.

At 7 pm there’s a brief lesson on an ukulele topic (reading tablature, strum patterns, fingerpicking, ukulele care, online ukulele resources, etc.) and then we play—literally! We’ve adopted The Daily Ukulele as our club songbook; it’s available here from Amazon, but we have a loaner copy of it to use in the meeting if you’re new. If you have another song you like, bring along 15 copies of it and introduce it to the group and we’ll play it.

For most of the year we meet at Craig Memorial Congregational Church, in Plymouth Hall (at intersection of Pearson and Scottwood roads). The building we meet at isn’t the church sanctuary, it’s the meeting hall just across the parking lot, north of the church; the entrance is on the Scottwood Road side. The meeting place is handicap-accessible and air-conditioned, too!

Craig Memorial Congregational Church

But wait—during July and August of 2016 we meet at Paul Byrne Aquatic Park (also known as “the duck pond”) on Recreation Drive just off Buschmann Road in Paradise. Same time (6:30 for the beginner’s lesson, 7 pm for the meeting); bring a folding chair and a music stand if you have one (and maybe some mosquito repellant, depending upon how attractive you are to the little buggers).

Paul Byrne Aquatic Park

Sound like fun? Then bring a friend and join us! For more information call Tonya at 872-0850 or drop me a line.

Download the meeting flyer.

Borrow something from our ukulele resource library!

Our “materials” fee collection each month means we have a variety of ukulele learning resources available to borrow at no cost. Included are songbooks, learning books, CDs and DVDs. You can browse the library here.  After clicking the link, scan the covers of the bookshelves; when you see something you like, click on it and a window opens up below which gives full details about the item (if it has accompanying CD or DVD for example). If a resource interests you, e-mail me before the next meeting and I’ll bring it. Only one item may be borrowed at a time; the lending period is one month. Members who’ve attended two of the last four meetings can borrow materials. We’ll also need to have current contact information—and your promise that you’ll bring it back next month!

Enjoy these materials! We’ll be adding to the library each month.

And, finally, here’s an article published in the Paradise Post about Ukuleles of Paradise as well as another article which was published in the Chico Enterprise Record.