About Tonya

I like ukuleles. They’re fun, approachable and, without question, one of the “happiest” instruments I know.

I like ukulele people even more. They’re fun, approachable and, without question, pretty darn happy, too (well, there are a few exceptions, but I don’t consider them “real” ukulele folks anyway).

Enjoy visiting with me for a bit and finding out more about this unique instrument (and, yes, I pronounce it in the Hawaiian fashion, “oo-koo-leh-leh” not “you-koo-lay-lee”—and, since it’s my website, I can do that without being labeled an elitist).

To find out more about what’s going on lately with ukuleles, see my blog.

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How did *you* get started playing the ukulele? The picture here shows the first time I picked up an ukulele—it was at the WorldMark Kihei Resort on Maui. David Nitta, all around “best guy” there, was offering a free ukulele lesson to guests one morning. I’d always been entranced with the “look” of an ukulele so I opted to take the lesson instead of snorkeling that morning at Ulua Beach. My mom and sister humored me by taking the lesson, too.


Within a few strums I fell in love with the ukulele. I’d never played an instrument before and the ukulele (four fingers, four strings—what could be more intuitive?) spoke to me with its sweet sound as well as its echoes of Hawaii (my favorite place). I was hooked. Here I’m shown at my very first ukulele encounter—I’m between my sister, Sandy, and my mom, Maxine (note the matching Hawaiian shirts and the beginner’s favorite C chord). David’s in back (he’s *still* at the WorldMark in Kihei and still teaches ukulele to guests).