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Christmas Time’s a Comin’: Revisited

Christmas Time’s a Comin’: Revisited

It’s that season again—can’t you tell by the porch-sized, light-up Santas at Costco? Yes, Christmas time’s a comin’!

If you want to join in the holiday fun with your ukulele in hand, now’s the time to start getting a bead on those familiar Christmas tunes you’ll be singing around the tree. While there are some great “for purchase” resources with holiday tunes arranged for ukulele, a few years’ back I pulled together a listing of websites from around the world featuring oodles of traditional and contemporary Christmas and holiday songsheets.

A new ukulele arrival
(part 1)

It showed up on my doorstep. Literally.

A blue grey suitcase with its condition belying 30+ years spent toting travel necessities on land and air. This little Samsonite’s latest excursion, though, had taken it from Phoenix (Arizona) to Paradise (California) in a class far lower than coach: try UPS Ground.

The suitcase, one we might have called an “overnighter” in days prior to wheeled rollaboards, sat stoutly just at the front door of our office as I returned from a lunch visit to the nearby taco truck.

I squealed at its sight—I knew what the blue grey valise held: an ukulele lovingly sent to me by my Uncle Harry, because, as he said, he knew I’d appreciate it and give it a good home.

Change can be good: 2011 Northern California Ukulele Festival

Note: I didn’t have a camera this year at the festival, but I did have my little video camera. You may want to take some Dramamine before you view the above video. It’s a bit bouncy…

Ouch—I’m sporting an ukulele sunburn today. You know—it’s when your inner forearms are toasty pink all the way from where the sleeve on your Hawaiian shirt ends down to where your thumb starts. Oh, and peeking from today’s “work attire,” there’s a matching burnished red “V”, too, corresponding to the collar line of that same Hawaiian blouse.