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A Moore Bettah Ukulele…for me? Oh, yes!

A Moore Bettah Ukulele…for me? Oh, yes!

Or, “How I found the holy grail of ukuleles and took one back home”

I’m sure I’ve lost many of you in the two years since I confessed that I was seriously searching for a second ukulele during a visit to Hawai’i.

Makes sense. I’m not sure I’d have stuck around either after reading that an ukulele player (owner of just one ukulele!) explored the finest ukulele shops Oahu had to offer—with a valid credit card clutched tightly in hand—and yet rejected all the instruments she found.

But (after lots of non-ukulele-related busy-ness and some family health issues) I’m back to tell you “the rest of the story.” And for us ukulele aficionados, it’s pretty darn exciting because it involves one of the holy grail four-stringers: a Moore Bettah ukulele.