My own curated collection of ukulele treasures. For you!

My own curated collection of ukulele treasures. For you!

Here’s the deal: I like ukuleles (‘bet you couldn’t tell, huh?). I travel to Hawai’i. I attend ukulele workshops around the US. I spend inordinate amounts of time on ukulele websites (but, of course, never during work hours…).

My accountant noted our travels once while looking over our finances. “What’s with all that ukulele stuff?” he asked. “If you like ‘em so much, why not start a business of some sort dealing with ukuleles?”

Hmmm…why not?img_5043

As it is, I already carve out hours of vacation time searching for talented craftspeople who can make me fun ukulele specialties. I mean, doesn’t everyone who visits Hawai’i go in search of people who carve bone pendants in the shape of a four-stringed instrument???

Oh. They don’t?

All the better then, that you know me. Because I’ve done just that. For years I collected all kinds of ukulele “things.” I generally eschew (great word, huh?) the mass-produced items. I mean, just because a wood object has four tuning pins and a somewhat bulbous shape doesn’t mean it really looks like an ukulele earring, pendant, keychain or whatever. I didn’t want that kind of stuff.

And I figured you wouldn’t either.

ss_earrings_heartSo I went back to my very own collection of my favorite ukulele things. Things I’ve found in odd little corners of the islands. Things I already own and wear because they’re just a bit different from the typical ukulele gifty items. Things that are special because you’re not going to find them anywhere else.

In short, they’re my ukulele treasures.

And, to follow through on my accountant’s advice, I’m selling them online. You see, that gives me a “reason” to keep attending all these ukulele festivals. And for trips over the Pacific to discover new craftspeople on Hawai’i Island or in Honolulu or even on a remote South Pacific shore.

Some things are truly limited quantities—and I’m not just saying that because I’ve suddenly turnedss_pendant_heart into a used car salesman (apologies to all you ukulele players who happen to do that for a living; it’s just a saying, you know…). For example, I have some carved shell items by a talented craftsman who’s pushing his mid-70s and I’m not sure how much longer he’s going to want to carve ukulele pendants for me. But they’re so very delightful! I guess when he gives me the word, I’ll just have to sell the last one he ‘s made then look for new treasures…

img_1225Christmas time will be here soon. Don’t you deserve an ukulele treasure of your own? Take a look at and tell me what you think!

(And, if you have any nifty ideas for a different ukulele treasure, email me and let’s see if we can have it made and share it with all our ukulele friends!)