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Ukulele shopping on Oahu; lots of choices, but…

Ukulele shopping on Oahu; lots of choices, but…

Ah, Oahu. Land of pineapple and sugarcane.

Okay, not so much these days.

But it certainly is Valhalla for ukulele players. Especially those looking to add a four-string lovely to their instrument stable.

But that wasn’t the only reason why Mark and I visited the island known as “The Gathering Place” (or is that just a tourist slogan?). There are other things to do on Oahu. Things beside search out ukulele shops, play multitudes of koa (and other) delights, talk story with ukulele players even more passionate about ukes than I and just absorb the island ukulele vibe.

Well, sure there are. But the ukuleles are the best part.

And, this visit, I  knew I’d discover a perfect second ukulele. Yes, “second” as in just one beyond a single ukulele. You see, my little LoPrinzi soprano and I have been monogamous for ten years now; other instruments have tempted me at the more than 25 festivals I’ve attended, but none stole my heart. I figured perhaps I was simply a one-uke gal–and I was kinda proud of that loyalty.

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